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14 February
Member A, Member B, Member C and now Member D ...
My real name is sort of similar so it's a nick I've always liked. Love (good) music and (quality) telly and also fancy myself as a bit of a writer so all these new sites, blogs, forums etc. give me ample scope to excercise my hobby. I'm very much a child of the 70s and 80s which probably makes me one of the oldest people around here from what I have seen but as an Aquarian I have always had an eye to the future so I love living in the 21st century too. The internet and satellites make life so much easier don't they?

Music? Loved The Human League since Empire State Human, Depeche Mode since Dreaming of Me, OMD since Electricity, John Foxx since Metamatic and New Order since Ceremony, plus a load of stuff in the meantime. See my last.fm page for further info, and blog for some news about bands I like and who are thankfully still going. See also my other blog "Lost In Music".

So many blogs..so little time.

Like a bit of reading too whenever possible, usually modern British authors and my hero is George Orwell. Also enjoy Jonathan Coe.

Speak English, Italian, German and French and took Russian 'O' level..

So hobbies. 'reading, writing and listening to music' ..pretty boring I suppose but then again....